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شرکت پرارین پارس با توجه به امکانات بخش بازرگانی و با عقد قراردادهای همکاری با شرکتهای خارجی صنایع مرتبط ، نسبت به تامین و توزیع مواد اولیه سایر شرکتهای فعال در این حوزه صنایع دارویی و غذایی مبادرت میورزد.

شرکت پرارین پارس از سال 1394 به عنوان نماینده انحصاری و رسمی شرکت تکنوفود کشور چین در این حوزه فعالیت مینماید.

معرفی شرکت سازنده:

Techno Food Ingredients, a privately-owned company, is one of the leading sucralose manufacturers in China. Techno was founded in 2003 by a team of experts who have been engaged in the food ingredients industry for more than 30 years. Our self-developed and unique production process enables us to produce the highest quality sucralose which has been approved and chosen by many top food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and nutritional products companies globally.
Techno Sucralose™ has been recognized as are liable brand with trust worthy service.
Techno (Fujian) Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. The Techno Sucralose manufacturing facility, is located in Nige Industrial Park, Yang-an, Fujian, China. We are running a modern production plant covering 940,000 square feet over sea. Dual R&D centers ensure Techno’s continuously creativity and sustainability in the industry.
Techno has been awarded as one of National High-tech Enterprises, Innovative Pilot Enterprises in Fujian Province, and Top Ten Export Manufacturing Enterprises.Innovation of science and technology leads to business.

گیاهان دارویی:

طب گیاهی یکی از انواع رژیم های مکمل به شمار می آید. این گیاهان و یا اجزای آنها به صورت قرص، کپسول، پودر، چای، عصاره و یا به صورت تازه و یا خشک شده در دسترس می باشند. در این راستا شرکت پرارین پارس با همکاری با شرکت بوتانیکال چین به عنوان یکی از شرکتهای پیشرو در این زمینه نسبت به تامین بالغ بر 250 گونه گیاهی از سال 1395 آغاز به فعالیت نموده است.

معرفی شرکت سازنده

3W Botanical Extract Inc. is one of the leading manufacturer of the Herbal Extracts in China, we do all for dedicated to the identification, development and production of natural active ingredients from Chinese herb.
We possess several advanced instrument of manufacture including Dynamic multifunction extractor, recycle concentrator, column separator, Vacuum drier, microwave drier, and so on. We have professional group of research, development, manufacture and technique, we also have rigorous and scientific manage system. 3W is Professional manufacturer of medicinal plant extract for export use in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, health-food, functional beverage, and cosmetics industries.

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