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Perarin Pars Co. is a producer of various beneficial dietary and low-calorie food products, pharmaceutical, herbal, and sports supplements with facilities such as contract production and supply of raw materials needed by partner companies and brand owners. Pararin Pars Company started its activity with the production of sugar-free and dietary food products at the beginning of its establishment. Due to its growing experience in the field of production and recruitment of specialists in the field of nutritional, pharmaceutical, and sports supplements, this company has gained the ability to provide services in various fields in a short period of its activity. In 2014, with the joining of Dayan Pharmed Behin Torud company to Pararin Pars Company, services such as marketing and sales of pharmaceutical and sports supplements were added to the field of activities of this company.
1. New services and contract production
2. Using up-to-date European technology
3. Manufacturer of pharmaceutical and sports supplements
4. Manufacturer of dietary and diabetic products
5. Benefiting from experienced research and development personnel

Our mission

Rapid environmental changes in the last decade, such as demographic, social, cultural, economic, and political changes, in addition to positive consequences, the field of activity of many pharmaceutical companies has undergone deep and wide-ranging challenges that overcome them and reach new horizons of success in these companies. It requires long-term, strategic planning and revision of vision, mission, and fundamental values governing their activities. Believing in the general principle of change and the necessity of being prepared to accompany change, the board of directors and senior management of Pararin Pars Company, drafted a competitive strategy including drawing up a vision, drafting a mission statement, checking and emphasizing the company’s existential values and philosophy, and determining the general governing strategies and policies He has put the activities of the company on his agenda and with the help and support of managers and experts of different departments of the company and using the services of an external consultant, he has succeeded in designing the strategic plan of the company.

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Perarin Pars is a leader in the production of beneficial dietary and low-calorie food products, medicinal, herbal, and sports supplements.

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Based on the vision, mission, mission, and fundamental values governing the company, the strategic plan of Pararin Pars Company includes the following axes:

Quality objectives:

1. The necessity of extroversion and regulating the organization’s behavior based on environmental changes
2. The necessity of coherent and consistent growth of internal departments
3. The need to optimize the combination of resources

Quantitative objectives:

It is expected that with the implementation of the prepared plan, Pararin Pars Company will achieve an average annual growth of 30%. We consider this growth as stable growth because its implementation can make another stage of strategic planning for the growth and development of the company smoother.

Key strategies:

This program is based on the logic of endogenous growth and development, in which the three main strategies of the company for growth are:
1. Growth through market expansion (increasing sales)
2. Growth through market deepening (increasing profit margin)
3. Growth through internal resources (capital increase)
4. Growing the production line and receiving GMP certification from the Food and Drug Administration


Perarin Pars Co. started its activity in 2018. The main goal of this organization is to produce healthy and safe products while maintaining quality, in accordance with the demands of customers and legal requirements.
Therefore, through the establishment of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 systems, it has been tried to ensure that all employees fulfill their responsibilities in order to produce healthy, safe, and high-quality products within the existing organizational framework and based on operational methods and written instructions. Do.

Considering the effective results of these standards, including complying with the codified legal requirements creating a pollution-free environment, and complying with health principles, it considers itself committed to the realization of the following.

  • Increase production capacity
  • Increase the product portfolio
  • Improving the performance of storage systems
  • The performance of the planning systems was improved
  • Increasing the health level of products
  • Establishing pharmaceutical infrastructure

The senior management of the company, believing in the need to protect human resources as the main capital, in order to advance the above-mentioned matters, requests all employees to always strive to institutionalize the mentioned matters and to have the necessary cooperation. We hope to achieve this goal with the cooperation of all employees, also considering the organization’s belief that human power is the main capital of the organization, the following points are paid attention to in order to create a safe environment.
A) Identification, evaluation, and control of occupational health and safety risks in order to prevent occupational diseases and eliminate accidents and incidents.
B) Improving occupational health and safety culture through effective training.

As the senior management of the organization, I am committed to doing the following:

I assure our customers and stakeholders that in Pararin Pars Dietary Sugar Company, nothing is more valuable than fulfilling the needs of customers and producing healthy and safe products. Also, the policies and goals compiled in the management review meetings are revised and are always updated.

  • Developing the awareness of interested parties regarding quality issues and health and hygiene of products.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations and national standards regarding quality and safety issues of raw materials and products.

  • Creating a suitable and safe environment to obtain healthy and desirable products.

  • Moving towards continuous improvement in the performance of deployed systems.

  • Paying attention to the requirements and demands of customers and other stakeholders to increase their level of satisfaction.

  • Ensuring the understanding and implementation of the established policy by all employees.

  • Maintaining occupational health and safety of employees

Date of adjustment: 1401/02/05
Mitra Afkari, CEO of Perarin Pars Co.