Contractual Companies

Aba Daroo Teb

Aba Daroo Teb is a subcategory of natures only. Our goal is to make progress in health care, improve quality of life, create long-term value for patients and in the sustainable development of health care in Iran using knowledge, talent, resources.

Hakiman Teb Kar

Hakiman Teb Kar was established in 2006 and started its activity by importing food supplements from Germany under the EuRhoVital brand. Due to the high quality and proper effectiveness.

Samar Teb Darman

Samar Teb Darman company markets its products under three brands: Delina, Tilose and Apovital, the most important of which is the Apovital brand.

Rouz Daroo

Rouz Daroo Company was established in 1342 AH by the efforts of a group of graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Tehran University in line with maintaining the professional and national mission of the health system and relying on the priority of drug quality.

Dayan Pharmed Behin Tolid

Dayan Pharmed Behin Tolid is active in the field of production, export, import, sale, distribution, purchase of all pharmaceuticals, food, milk milk, chemical medicines.

Ofogh Tadbir Salamat

Ofogh Tadbir Salamat pharmaceutical and health company was established in 2014 by a group of experts in the field of producing and importing drugs, food supplements and cosmetic.

Pezhand Nikoo Daroo

Pezhand Nikoo Daroo brand is a reliable and Iranian brand in the field of producing various supplements for health. This brand uses quality raw materials in the production of its products.

Daroo Darman Salamat Parmida

Daroo Darman Salamat Parmida was established in 2015 with the aim of producing quality products and contributing to the health of society. This company is a subsidiary of Iran Pharmas Holding, which is known as one of the most reliable names.

Ozhan Daroo

Ozhan Daroo  has started to work in order to improve the level of health in the field of producing new and innovative products of all kinds of supplements, drugs, and biological products.

Exir Teb Parniyan

The field of activity of Exir Teb Parniyan is the production and development of herbal products and food supplements with the attitude of improvement, health and prevention of disease.

Giti Salamat Arya

Giti Salamat Arya was established on 22/08/2015 by a group of experts in the field of production and import of pharmaceutical, food, sports supplements and natural products.

Rastazhen Daroo

Rastazhen Daroo is a pharmaceutical company that was established on January 8, 2014. Relying on the scientific support and its good and worthy cooperation with the university.

Arya Pharmed Pishgaman Salamat

Arya Pharmed Pishgaman Salamat with more than 3 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, as one of the leaders of health promotion, seeks to provide new.

Kiyan Teb Pasargad

Kiyan Teb Pasargad and health company in 2005 by a group of experts in the field of drug production and import; Food supplements and cosmetic.

Shafa Gostar Ayrik

Shafa Gostar Ayrik is active in the field of import/export and marketing of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment and supplements with an expert and professional team.

Behshad Daroo

Behshad Daroo started its activity in 2004 as an importing and manufacturing company in Iran. From the very beginning of its establishment, it has been trying to acquire.

Tosee Ghaza Salamat Zinoo

Tosee Ghaza Salamat Zinoo operates as an active company in the field of herbal, chemical, natural, traditional medicine, dietary supplements, and food products.

Kimiya Kalaye Razi

Kimiya Kalaye Razi was established in 1391 with the aim of producing various products in various therapeutic fields.

Arya Pars Honam Arsh

Arya Pars Honam Arsh was established in 2013 with more than 10 years of specialized experience in the field of producing natural medicines, nutritional supplements, food and animal beverages.

Marham Sazan Sina

Marham Sazan Sina has started its activity with the aim of providing high quality products in accordance with international standards and using the latest pharmaceutical technology in the world.

Sina Pishgam Daroo Novin

Sina Pishgam Daroo Novin is one of the leading companies in the field of drug production, import and export, which has progressed in the shortest possible time.

Saj Pad Daroo

At Saj Pad Daroo, we are committed to your health and well-being. For more than six years, we have supported public studies and participated in clinical trials.

Noavaran Fakhr Daroo

Noavaran Fakhr Daroo was established as one of the suppliers of emergency, single-prescription and special medicines with the permission of the Ministry of Health, Treatment..

Sepid Teb Niya

Sepid Teb Niya international company, active in the field of producing all kinds of food supplements as well as natural and chemical medicines, was established in 2009.

Kala Gostar Setare-ha Rah-ha

Kala Gostar Setare-ha Rah-ha is one of the companies that operates in the field of commerce and trade. This company operates as an import and export company in Iran and conducts commercial affairs according to import and export regulations and laws.

Pora Teb Gostar Iranian

The production of probiotic products of Vivation and Vivakids brands was started with the help of knowledge and perseverance of our beloved colleagues.

Rayan Tejarat Rastak

Rayan Tejarat Rastak is an active company in the field of import and export of all permitted commercial goods and it also operates in the field of pharmaceutical, health and experimental products.

Rabo Salamat

Rabo Salamat Company is a private company that operates in the field of investment and health in Iran. This company operates as a contractor in the field of equipping sports and recreational equipment throughout Iran.

Amitis Nik Daroo

With more than ten years of experience, Amitis Group is one of the active companies in Iran, providing the latest products in various fields of beauty, pharmaceuticals and technical services by obtaining exclusive representation from the best international companies.

Parsian Haft Noor Aseman

Parsian Haft Noor Aseman is an active company in the field of production and distribution of herbal, natural and traditional medicines, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical supplements.

Terita Daroo Arta

The mission of Terita Daroo Arta is to produce all kinds of complementary and herbal products and pharmaceutical products and to produce API raw materials and distribute them in domestic and foreign markets with the aim of improving the health.

Hiva Pharmed Parsian

Hiva Pharmed Parsian is an active company in the field of commercial services and distribution of products. This company provides, produces, packages, maintains, distributes, buys and sells all permitted commercial goods, especially complementary, dietary.

Pazhohesh Mehvar Nano Pharmed

Pazhohesh Mehvar Nano Pharmed, which is a research-oriented company, carries out research and commercial activities with the slogan of knowledgeable core and capable network.

Pharmed Tak Pishgam Asia

Pharmed Tak Pishgam Asia is one of the leading companies in the field of production, purchase, sale, import and export of any type of medicine or biological product, medical and dental equipment and health-oriented products.

Youtab Teb Pars

Youtab Teb Pars operates in the field of import of emergency drugs and distribution and supply of drugs to pharmacies in the province, and Youtab Teb Pars Company.

Bazargani Behsan Pooyesh Negar

Bazargani Behsan Pooyesh Negar is a trading company based in Iran, which is focused on the production and distribution of medical supplies and masks suitable for the virus.

Noavari Zibaei Gostar Ofogh Sabz

Noavari Zibaei Gostar Ofogh Sabz is an active company in the cosmetics and health industry, which operates in the field of production and supply of all kinds of cosmetics and health products.

Beinolmelali Karen Zima Gheshm

Beinolmelali Karen Zima Gheshm, with 5 years of experience and having one of the best specialized teams in the country, will draw the path to the success of your economic projects.

Sanaye Ghazaei Iliya Pars

Iliya Pars Company started working and operating in 1384 in order to create a modern system for the production, packaging, and distribution of various nutritional supplements used by athletes.

Sanaye Ghazaei Arya Toloe Aseman

Sanaye Ghazaei Arya Toloe Aseman is an active company in the food industry that operates in the field of production, packaging, distribution, buying and selling, export and import of food.


Donya Daroo Sepehr is a young and dynamic group that started its professional activity in the field of food and herbal supplements production in 2014 and has been owned by Evin Daro.

Vira Daroo Salamat

Vira Daroo Salamat is an active company in the pharmaceutical industry that operates in the field of import, production, distribution, export, distribution of supplements, drugs.

Kimia Ara Heram

Kimia Ara Heram Company carries out its production in Ani Derman factory complex, which belongs to Ahran Tejarat pharmaceutical group.

Exir Afarin Arya

Exir Afarin Arya  is a young and dynamic company that has started its professional activity since 2019 in the field of food and pharmaceutical supplements production.

Noavari Daroei Irman Arvand

Noavari Daroei Irman Arvand is a pharmaceutical innovation company that carries out its activities in the fields of preparation, production, distribution, marketing, buying and selling, import.

Mahan Pharmed Pars

Mahan Pharmed Pars Company is an active company in the field of preparation and production, buying and selling, compounding and distribution, packaging, export and import of medicines.

Amin Salamat Pharmed

Amin Salamat Pharmed Company started its activity in Tehran in 2017 with the aim of producing pharmaceutical supplements. Currently, it has a license to manufacture more than several complementary products from the Food and Drug Organization.

Mana Daroo Part

Mana Daroo Part Company has started its activity in the field of formulation and production of medicines and natural products in the form of MDP Holding Medical Field Company since 2019.

Di Daroo Behdis

Di Daroo Behdis Company is one of the leading companies in the production of herbal products, which, relying on its scientific, medical and personnel capabilities, seeks to provide the best services to our dear compatriots and other parts of the world.

Delta Laziz

Delta Laziz is a dynamic and leading company in the field of preparation, production, distribution and sale of all food, beverage and herbal products. This company produces and markets high-quality and diverse products using the latest technologies.

Pharmed Elena Mehr Parsian

Pharmed Elena Mehr Parsian Company is an active company in the field of production and distribution of all kinds of medical, paramedical, dental and laboratory supplies and equipment, food and edible products, pharmaceuticals and food supplements.