Daroo Darman Salamat Parmida

Daroo Darman Salamat Parmida Company was established in 2015 with the aim of producing quality products and contributing to the health of society. This company is a subsidiary of Iran Pharmas Holding, which is known as one of the most reliable names and the largest importer of medical equipment in the Iranian market.

DDP focuses on the development of pharmaceutical products such as supplements, finished products, import of raw materials and premixes, manufacture of products under license and domestic production. DDP was established with the aim of producing and supplying medicines for patients and achieving the best quality at the global level and has always been one of the leading companies in the production of the best products in the market of Iran and the region.

The members of this company consist of experts in various fields with several years of experience in research and development to provide the highest quality products. The concept of ethics is the main component of DDP in both personal and business interactions. Every relationship is based on mutual respect and ethics. This mutual respect is not only the key chain in DDP’s internal interactions, but also the main factor in patient and consumer communication with DDP. The main objective of DDP is to use its expertise to identify and acquire selected products through international partnerships to promote sustainable development in community health.


Daru Derman Parmida Company, No. 128, Shahid Khandi (Palizi) St., North Sohrvardi St., Tehran

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