Contractual production

The services that Perarin Pars provides to its customers


Contractual production

Perarin Pars company, using European machines and its extensive facilities, produces all kinds of solid products in the form of powders, tablets, or capsules in different packages in the form of bottles, sachets, blisters, bags, and tubes.

Supply of materials

The supply of raw materials has become one of the most important matters in production, according to the conditions of world trade. Perarin Pars is proud that it has been engaged in supplying items needed by other companies inside and outside the country for a decade.

Manufacturing technology - formulation

Perarin Pars is ready to provide services in the field of research, formulation, and production of herbal medicines and food supplements with the cooperation of experts and experienced personnel in various scientific fields such as herbal medicine, industrial pharmacy, and bio-technology.

The company's production line and machinery

Blister production and packaging

Blister packaging in different numbers, shapes and designs, can production and packaging

Production and packaging of cans

Filling tablets and powder in cans with different weights

Tablet production

Production of tablets from size 5 to 25 mm with a capacity of 500,000 per hour

Bag production and packaging

Zipper Bag packaging in different weights for tablet production

Capsule production

Production of capsules in sizes 1 to 00EL with a capacity of 78,000 units per hour

Sachet and steak production

Production of sachets from 1 to 25 grams in different shapes and sizes

Our customers

Perarin Pars Company is proud to produce the following companies.