Noavari Daroei Irman Arvand

Noavari Daroei Irman Arvand is a pharmaceutical innovation company that carries out its activities in the fields of procurement, production, distribution, marketing, buying and selling, import and export of all cosmetic, health, food and beverage products. This company was established in 2006 with the aim of producing and supplying high quality products at reasonable prices. Irman Arvand is active in the field of producing generic drugs and is currently one of the leading companies in this field in Iran. Also, this company works in the field of research and development of new drugs and uses advanced technologies for this purpose. Due to the efforts of this company in the field of producing generic drugs and new drugs, Irman Arvand is known as a reliable pharmaceutical innovation company in Iran. In addition to these activities, this company also operates as a supplier of health, cosmetic, food and beverage products and offers high quality products to the market.


Khuzestan province, Khoramshahr city, Imam Khomeini boulevard, Kiyomarth street, No. 0, ground floor

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