Rayan Tejarat Rastak

Rayan Tejarat Rostak is an active company in the field of import and export of all permitted commercial goods and it also operates in the field of pharmaceutical, health and experimental products and all medical goods. Using the technical knowledge of experienced experts and taking advantage of its experiences in the field of import and export, this company tries to provide quality and cheap services. This company has been able to perform successfully in the field of import and export of various goods by taking advantage of its wide network of suppliers as well as its international connections. With regard to the importance of the healthcare sector in the society, Rayan Tejarat Rostak, directly or through its representatives, contributes to the improvement of the level of healthcare in different countries by providing the necessary goods in the pharmaceutical, health and laboratory fields. have been.


Ground floor, No. 29, Twenty-fifth Street, Hosseini St., Shahrek Cheshme neighborhood, Tehran.

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