Giti Salamat Arya

Giti Salamat Aria pharmaceutical and health company was established on 22/08/2015 by a group of experts in the field of production and import of pharmaceutical, food, sports supplements and natural products. The directors of this company are proud to be present in the board of directors of this union and technical and advisory committees, along with experts and managers of the Food and Drug Organization, since the beginning of the separation of the pharmaceutical and food supplements unit from the drug and at the same time as the establishment of the supplement importers union, along with other pioneers of this industry. Have had. This company is currently the representative of Bronson and Genasol companies of America, Syntex of Canada in the field of import and production of pharmaceutical, food, sports supplements and natural products and Novax company producing eye products from Monaco. The research and development unit of Giti Salamat Aria company in order to meet the company’s goals of helping to improve and promote health in Iran, in addition to selecting the best products of the mentioned companies based on domestic and regional conditions; has created facilities for packaging and production of these products in Iran.


Tehran, Shariati St., Dawood Glanby St., No. 4, Unit 20

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