Sanaye Ghazaei Iliya Pars

Sanaye Ghazaei Iliya Pars Company was established in 1384 in order to create a modern system for the production, packaging, and distribution of various nutritional supplements used by athletes in various sports fields, and in line with this goal, the company started to build an industrial site for the production of The area of 6000 meters was established in Kausar Industrial Town, and after obtaining various standards of the country and following the special standards of food production, this company succeeded in receiving an operating license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the country.

Sanaye Ghazaei Iliya Pars Company intends to be a competitor for all kinds of foreign products by using the most modern production and packaging equipment, and by increasing its fields of activity, it will provide a suitable platform for export and enter the world market. Sanaye Ghazaei Iliya Pars is always trying to prove to everyone the high quality and impact of its products by supporting athletes and famous athletes of various sports fields, in addition to financially strengthening these dear athletes of our country. Therefore, Dubis has been a sponsor of various sports competitions many times, which is one of the valuable goals that make sports activities as good as possible in our beloved country.


No. 2, Unit 1, No. 2, Golha Dead End, Ashrafi Esfahani Boulevard, Marzdaran, Sadeghieh, Tehran

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