Exir Afarin Arya

Exir Afarin Arya Company is a young and dynamic company that has started its professional activity since 2019 in the field of food and pharmaceutical supplements production. This company has introduced most of its products to the pharmaceutical field of the country under the Mooneme brand. People who are aware of issues related to health, trust our products and have experienced the desired results. Our commitment to the quality of raw materials and the use of the most up-to-date scientific research, to the production of suitable vitamins and nutritional supplements to improve consumption has led to The nutritional supplements of this company are specially produced for the age and gender groups of the modern society and based on the latest researches of pharmaceutical, medical and nutrition scientists. We provide you with the best raw materials and pharmaceutical forms of the world, high quality supplements.


Tehran, Northern Pasdaran, Narenjestan 1st, No. 1, West Unit 1, Dr. Nikjo corner

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