Mahan Pharmed Pars

Mahan Pharmed Pars Company is an active company in the field of preparation and production, buying and selling, compounding and distribution, packaging, export and import of medicines and all natural, traditional, herbal products, food and pharmaceutical supplements, all medical and paramedical equipment and supplies. Dentistry, veterinary medicine, laboratory establishment and all cosmetics and health products as well as all foodstuffs.

This company strives to achieve its goals by using advanced equipment and modern technologies. The main activities of this company include the production of generic drugs, the research and development of new drugs, the preparation and production of natural and herbal products, the supply of medical and paramedical equipment, the establishment of a laboratory and the production of cosmetics and health products.

Mahan Pharmed Pars Company is recognized as a reliable and leading company in the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and health industry due to its efforts in the field of producing and distributing quality products. This company is also known as a complete and integrated company in this industry by providing research and development services, medical and laboratory equipment, product packaging and distribution, supply of raw materials and equipment needed for production.


3rd floor, unit 8, No. 60, Niyam building, Shahid Mohandas Akbar Manzanarnejad St., Dr. Ali Shariati St., Tehran

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