Kimiya Kalaye Razi

Kimiya Kalaye Razi Pharmaceutical Company was established in 1391 with the aim of producing various products in various therapeutic fields. The first product of this company was produced under the brand name Argosol and in the field of treating eye diseases in 2014. In the years 2017 and 2018, the long-term research and investment of this company came to fruition and resulted in the production of several high-performance products, including nano-liposomal products, and obtaining approval from the Nano Technology Development Headquarters. Currently, Kimia Kalai Razi Pharmaceutical Company has covered a wide range of diseases and needs of the society by producing more than 30 products in the field of medicinal, complementary and health products. We at Razi Kimiakala hope to make an important contribution to improving the health of society and entrepreneurship by employing as many specialized, committed and young workers as possible in the coming years, in addition to achieving the vision and goals of the company.


No. 412, No. 412, corner of 54th St., 1st floor, Seyed Jamaluddin Asadabadi St.

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