Marham Sazan Sina

Marham Sazan Pharmaceutical Company Sina (Special Shares) was established in 2013 to conduct applied research and industrial and scientific production of herbal medicines with the aim of providing high quality products in accordance with international standards and using the latest pharmaceutical technology in the world. It has started its activity with the highest quality raw materials for supply to the domestic and foreign markets. During this period, this company has succeeded in preparing five types of herbal medicines, and more than fifteen types of medicinal plants have been used in the preparation of these products, which are finally converted into medicinal forms such as capsules, syrups, creams and gels.

Marham Sazan Sina Company has the necessary preparation to carry out group work, applied research, preparation of formulations and presentation of business ideas and participation in the field of herbal medicines. Finally, this company is hopeful that it can always achieve favorable results in maintaining the health of the society and serving our dear compatriots, and move in line with one of the great goals of the country’s pharmaceutical system, which is to move the import of medicine towards domestic production.


Kilometer 19 of Fatah Highway, No. 629, after Badran warehouses

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