Pora Teb Gostar Iranian

The production of probiotic products of Vivation and Vivakids brands started with the help of knowledge and perseverance of our beloved colleagues and the transfer of technical know-how from Vitafarm Switzerland in Porateb complex. The “differentiation” of these products with other products available in the Iranian market can be the following; Product formulation with microorganism strains “suitable for the target community” (specific products for babies, children, women, the elderly, and special diseases), using a “high number of live microorganisms” to ensure sufficient effectiveness, using dried microorganisms With cold and vacuum (freeze-drying) in order to maintain the stability and viability of the microorganism in ambient temperature conditions and “no need for refrigeration”, “Fortifying the product with compounds such as prebiotics, herbal medicines and vitamins and… to improve Enumerated “influencing”.


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