Exir Teb Parniyan

The field of activity of Elixir Teb Parnian Company is the production and development of herbal products and food supplements with the attitude of improvement, health and prevention of disease. Elixir Teb Parnian Company intends to be a leader between traditional treatments and pharmaceuticals by developing nutritional solutions based on natural science and forming a new approach in the field of prevention and health management. Elixir Teb Parnian Company is the only official and exclusive representative of Carusos Natural Health Company in the Middle East for products with TGA license from Australia.

Carusos Natural Health Company has started its activity in the field of natural medicine production since 1982 and currently supplies supplements to more than 3000 pharmacies and health stores in Australia. More than 2 million people visit and welcome the products of this company every day. The products of Karusos company are classified with the highest quality in the field of women’s, men’s, children’s health and maintaining the daily health of the general public all over the world. In 2016, Frank Caruso, the founder and owner of Carusos Natural Health, won the Australian Supplements Industry Award. This award is for the merit of the company in terms of professional performance and ethical activities to maintain people’s health. By producing more than 150 products such as vitamins, minerals and natural and herbal products, this company provides the most effective formulations in various fields. One of the methods used in the preparation of the natural product of Carousos Natural Health Company is standardized extraction.


No. 5, Unit 1, Azadegan Alley, Ghaem Mogham Farahani St., Tehran

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