Arya Pharmed Pishgaman Salamat

Arya Pharmed Pishgaman Salamat, with more than 3 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, as one of the leaders of health promotion, seeks to provide new and innovative solutions for the production of pharmaceutical products. Our team includes experienced and committed doctors, pharmacists, researchers and experts who work to advance the company’s goals in cooperation and coordination with their colleagues and customers. Our goal is to provide medicines, medicinal supplements and cosmetic products of superior quality and with high scientific accuracy, which are continuously being developed and improved.

We use the best and most modern equipment and technologies available in the industry to produce products with the most effective compounds. Also, we pay special attention to maintaining quality and safety in all stages of production and distribution of our medicines. Our goal is to help increase the health level of society and improve the quality of life of patients, and we are proud to be one of the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry with the aim of improving people’s health and life.


Tehran, Valiasr Street, Saro Sai Tower, Unit 1203

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