Parsian Haft Noor Aseman

Parsian Haft Noor Asman is an active company in the field of carrying out any commercial operation, and by obtaining the necessary permits from the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization and the Food and Drug Organization, in the field of studying the representation of investment companies, buying, selling, importing and exporting, manufacturing and distribution of herbal, natural and traditional medicines, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical supplements, sports supplements, milk powder and special food, medical equipment and laboratory equipment, medical supplies, all health and cosmetic products, processed food products, raw materials for drug production, accessories , auxiliary materials and packaging essentials for medicine, herbal, natural and traditional medicine, food supplement, pharmaceutical supplement, sports supplement, milk powder and special food, medical essentials and cosmetic products, food, beverage, and primary packaging materials.

Using the experience and technical knowledge of experienced experts, this company tries to provide quality and low-cost services and uses high-quality and approved raw materials to ensure the quality of its products. In addition, this company is trying to develop its business by trying to improve the quality of services and improve the level of customer satisfaction.


1st floor, No. 106/7, Pindar Building, Ostad Motahari Blvd., Western Prophet St., Tehran, South Jannat Abad

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