Vira Daroo Salamat

Vira Daroo Salamat is an active company in the pharmaceutical industry that operates in the field of import, production, distribution, export, distribution of supplements, drugs, biological products, essentials and pharmaceutical raw materials. This company imports and produces all kinds of generic drugs as well as specialized and biological drugs with the aim of meeting the pharmaceutical and health needs of the society of Iran and other countries.

Vira Daroo Salamat, by employing an experienced and expert staff in the technical field and using advanced equipment, tries to produce and supply products with good quality and reasonable price. This company is also trying to help improve the level of health and treatment in the country and the region by using modern knowledge and new technologies in the field of pharmaceuticals. In general, the activities of Veera Daro Salamat are in the field of meeting the pharmaceutical and health needs of the society, improving the quality and price of drugs, creating employment and increasing the export of Iranian drugs to other countries.


Tehran, Shariati St., Dolat St., Shahid Rahmani St., No. 85, Unit 502

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