Pazhohesh Mehvar Nano Pharmed

Pazhoohesh Mehvar Nano Pharmed, which is a research-oriented company, carries out research and commercial activities with the slogan of knowledgeable core and capable network, and with the approach of commercializing technology-oriented and innovation-oriented products of the food and drug industry, nutritional supplements and cosmetic products. Our focus is on a deep look in the field of pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, cosmetic and health products production technology along with scientific methods of management, sales and marketing, a developmental and adventurous look along with financial and structural discipline as the knowledgeable core of this company’s characteristics. is. Taking advantage of upcoming business capacities and opportunities, and on the other hand, valuable intellectual and human potential among the educated and elite in this industry as a powerful network, is our organizational vision.

The initial goal is to promote products and provide services in domestic markets, and the next step will be the development of activities in international markets. By selecting an active, committed and organizationally mature working team, we intend to cover the difficult road ahead with empathy and perseverance and create a worthy work.


Tehran, Tawheed Square, Sattar Khan, Shahid Dariush Siami Alley

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