Mardin Dietary Sweetener Tablet

Product Specifications

Product TypeCapsule
Taste60 Pieces
Closed Number6263240700152
Gender ConsumptionGeneral
GroupNutrition (Weight Loss)
Type of EnclosurePlastic Can
Manufacturing CountryIran
ManufacturerDayan Pharmed

Practical Information

DescriptionAmazing product for diabetics!
Diabetics or people who are on a diet always worry about quick access to diet sweeteners, Mardin Dietary Sweetener tablets are designed so that you can easily carry them anywhere and anytime.
Unlike all sugar-free sweetener packages, Mardin Dietary Sweetener Tablets do not increase blood sugar in any way. The rest of the sweetener tablets cause a slight increase in blood sugar due to the presence of maltodextrin, dextrose or other fillers. This pill does not increase blood sugar due to the use of lactose as a filler. Also, the low amount of lactose used as a filler makes it easy for people who are sensitive to .lactose to use itPeople often use dietary sweeteners as a way to reduce calorie intake, manage blood sugar levels, or control dental health. It's important to note that while they can be beneficial in some ways, moderation and understanding of each sweetener's effects are key, especially for those with specific health concerns like diabetes or digestive issues.