Mardin Diet Sweetening Sugar

Mardin Perarin Pars dietary sugar is a product manufactured by Pars Company, which is marketed by providing a healthy and dietary option for people who are following a diet or weight control. This Mardin dietary sweetener is produced using high-quality raw materials and modern technology, so that you can still enjoy the pleasure of sweetness, but with the lowest number of calories and without added sugar. The composition of Mardin dietary sweetener sugar is designed in such a way that it can replace the need for sugar and high calories and provide a suitable option for people who seek to protect their health and maintain a healthy weight. Paying attention to the quality of materials used in production and attention to the health of consumers has made this sweetening sugar a popular choice in the field of nutrition and health.

Product Specifications

Product Name (Specific)Mardin
Product TypeDietary Sugar (Sachet)
Construction Health Permit50/14962
Gender ConsumptionGeneral
GroupDiet and Diabetic
Manufacturing CountryIran
ManufacturerPerarin Pars

Practical Information

DescriptionRun a tenth!
If you eat 2 teaspoons of sugar with your tea, you should walk for 10 minutes a day. With Mardin diet sugar, you don't have to walk anymore. Mardin dietary sugar is suitable for people with diabetes, people who want to lose weight and anyone who cares about their health. Using this product is the easiest and best way to sweeten all kinds of hot and cold drinks for daily use and parties.